Welcome to the AGLA NY Blog!

AGLA New York (Previously known as the HyeQs) are on the move!

As our new website indicates, we have a lot going on. Our membership is on the rise, and we now have 5 to 12 members at monthly meetings, a sharp increase from a few years ago.

There is something for everyone in our organization: intellectual and cultural Armenian lectures; gay events such as the Pride March and a Coming Out Committee; great food and dance at our Christmas party. And if you just want to come to meetings and shoot the breeze, that’s fine as well.

We are also planning a first-ever AGLA New York fund-raiser and party (more news to follow).

So please join us and bring your friends, Armenian or not… and, of course, please register on our website at aglany.org to become a member of AGLA NY, support our organization, and receive email updates (all information is kept private and confidential).

Register for AGLA NY at https://aglany.org/Default.aspx?pageId=40446

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