AGLA NY Events in 2007

While 2008 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for AGLA NY, we wanted to take a quick look back at a few of the events from the past year.

Here are just some of the events hosted by AGLA NY in 2007.

1/8/07 – AGLA NY’s Annual Armenian Christmas Party
Twenty members of AGLA New York and their friends celebrated Armenian Christmas on January 8th at the LGBT Community Center on West 13th Street. There was great Middle Eastern food, as well as amazing duduk and oud playing by way of musicians extraordinaire Souren Baronian and Haig Manoukian Everyone was happy to be celebrating this two-thousand year-old tradition together. Some people even got up and danced! Hoopa!

3/30/07 – Lecture on Armenian Poet Daniel VaroujanMarc Nichanian
On March 30th at the LGBT Center, Columbia University Professor of Armenian Studies Marc lectured to a rapt audience of thirty people about Armenian poet Daniel Varoujan. His presentation, entitled “Daniel Varoujan, Poet of Mourning” concentrated on Varoujan’s haunting poem “Vahakn,” which is the name of the Armenian god of thunder. It was a difficult but brilliant exposition on the poet’s relationship to religion, Nietzsche and ultimately, Armenian culture. Varoujan was a leading exponent of “Poetic Paganism” and was brutally murdered by the Young Turkish regime in 1915 at the onset of the Armenian Genocide. The lecture coincided with the release in French of Nichanian’s new book “Entre l”art et le Témoignage: Littératures Arméniennes au XXème Siècle, Le Deuil de la Philologie” (MetisPresses, Geneva, 2006), the second volume in his trilogy “Writers of Disaster.” One member of the audience commented afterwards: ”My mother used to recite Varoujan. I wish she could have heard this lecture tonight. Fascinating.”

6/25/07 – AGLA NY Marches in the NYC Gay Pride Parade

On Sunday, June 25th, ten members of AGLA NY were cheered on by a rowdy crowd and an occasional Armenian along 5th Avenue as they marched under the AGLA New York/HyeQ banner in the 2007 Gay Pride Parade. Sandwiched between a lesbian party float, the Russian LGBT Organization and the Anti-Circumcision Society (yup, you heard right), the HyeQ’s were well-placed to enjoy their fifth time as participants in this seminal LGBT event. Next year, we are working on creating an even bigger impact. So get ready! We are forming a Pride Committee to plan for next year, so anyone interested please attend an upcoming meeting, we’d love your help and input!

8/9/07 – Screening of Bebo: Pocorn and Armenian Films
Christopher Atamian screened Bebo, the first Armenian sound feature film on August 9th to an enthusiastic audience of 30. The screening was preceded by a reading about its director Hamo Bek Nazarov and the film’s main themes, and was followed by a short Q&A session. Atamian is currently working on a book of film criticism called “Deconstructing Ararat: Armenian Identity and Film.”

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