Gartal Hosts Book Reading of (An)daratsutian Mej or In the (Un)space

AGLA NY Member Nancy Agabian will be hosting a special Gartal Event this Saturday February 17th at Cornelia Street Cafe. The event will feature a reading of the new book (An)daratsutian Mej or In the (Un)space in English, French and Armenian with authors Nancy Agabian, Lara Aharonian, & Shushan Avagyan

Sunday, February 17th, 6 to 8pm
at the Cornelia Street Cafe

29 Cornelia Street
between W 4th and Bleecker
W of 6th Ave in Greenwich Village
Subway: ACEBDFV to W 4th St
212 989-9319 for reservations and info
$7 cover includes a drink

(An)daratsutian Mej or In the (Un)space (Women’s Resource Center, Yerevan, 2007) is an experimental book of three different texts in English, French and Armenian, written by Nancy Agabian, Lara Aharonian and Shushan Avagyan. Each text, vastly different in style and content, echoes questions raised by the other authors on literature, identity and cross-cultural perspectives on the influence of the Armenian family. In writing about such topics as the domestic violence of upstairs neighbors, an absurd gynecological visit, and furtive reading in a grandmother’s library, the tri-authors create the “(un)space”, where each Armenian woman must interpret herself and translate others in order to find a place to more fully exist.

Nancy Agabian
is the author of Princess Freak (Beyond Baroque Books, 2000), a collection of poems and performance art texts. She is also one of the tri-authors of (An)taratsutian mej (Women’s Resource Center, Yerevan, 2007) and the editor of Matnashoonch (Metis Press, Geneva, 2007). Her memoir Me as her again is forthcoming from Aunt Lute Books, and she is currently working on a book of essays about her experience living in Armenia as a diasporan for a year. She lives in New York and teaches creative writing at Queens College.

Lara Aharonian, Director of the Women’s Resource Center (Armenia), was born in Beirut, Lebanon and lived in Montreal, Canada. She is the founder of the Women’s Resource Center in Yerevan, Armenia and Shushi, Nagorno-Karabakh, and is the initiator of the Women’s Coalition for Peace in South Caucasus. She is one of the tri-authors of (An)taratsutian mej (Women’s Resource Center, Yerevan, 2007) and currently lives in Yerevan.

Shushan Avagyan, was born in Yerevan and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in English and Comparative Literature at Illinois State University. She is the author of Girk-anvernagir, a novel in Armenian, one of the tri-authors of (An)taratsutian mej (Women’s Resource Center, Yerevan, 2007), and translator of I Want to Live: Poems of Shushanik Kurghinian (Watertown, Mass.: AIWA Press, 2005) and Energy of Delusion: A Book on Plot by Viktor Shklovsky (Dalkey Archive Press, 2007). She lives in Bloomington, Illinois.

Since December 2002, Gartal has been an independent forum for both established and emerging writers of Armenian descent and/or writers dealing with Armenian themes to read their poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and dramatic texts to the public. Coordinated by writer Nancy Agabian, Gartal brings together, via the dual acts of reading and listening, diverse Armenian constituencies, from the progressive to the traditional. A particular effort is made to give voice to Armenian stories that haven’t been widely heard, including those of mixed race, various religions, different economic backgrounds, and gay and lesbian Armenians.

**A related event, Tuesday February 19th, 6:30-8:30 pm: Finding Language: Armenian Women Writing Across Translation, presented by MEMEAC at the CUNY Grad Center, Room 9207, 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, including talks and readings by the tri-authors of (An)daratsutian Mej and Lerna Ekmekcioglu, co-editor and translator of A Cry for Justice: Five Armenian Feminist Writers from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic (1862-1933) (in Turkish). The new Armenian/English anthology of women’s writing from Yerevan, Matnashoonch, will also be presented and discussed. Free admission, with reception to follow. Info: 212 817-7570,,

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