Member Spotlight: Loris Diran

Designer to the stars Loris Diran designs a Hot New T-Shirt as he continues to climb the ranks of the New York City fashion world.

Describing his last collection, Diran writes: “I fantasized about a world of elegance as a way of life. I wanted to create a collection that was an ode to that sensibility yet feels fresh to a new generation”. Loris presented a collection of structured designs that reflected the spirit of the great ladies of New York’s “Carriage trade”. A long ago world where opulence was at a premium and sophistication was its own gift..

Loris Diran Tshirt

Utilizing only luxurious fabrics such as Duchess Satin, Silk Wool, fantasy Tweeds and vintage chiffon prints, Loris incorporates demi-couture hand work into the designs to create something unique.

This last year, Loris also designed a hit Tshirt with a male portrait overlaid with Armenian lettering! The Tshirt was featured in the June issue of Playboy Magazine pictured above).

For more on Loris Diran Couture visit:

Also be sure to check out Loris Diran’s Fall/Winter Fashion Show from Fashion Week 2007 on YouTube:

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