AGLA NY Calls on Armenian Government to Account for March Events

New York City, March 13th, 2008

AGLA NY, the New York Armenian Gay and Lesbian Association, calls on the Armenian government to restore complete freedom of the press and expression in Armenia.

The troubling events in Armenia, as well as indications that this month’s elections may not reflect the will of the people, are of great concern to us.

The deaths of 8 individuals in clashes related to the post-election demonstrations in Republic Square has worried and shocked Armenians around the world. We ask for an accurate account of the events in post-election Armenia.

We, the grandchildren of those who suffered the torments of the Armenian Genocide, call on the Government of Armenia to rule in a fair and democratic way befitting a modern, secular, democratic state and to build an open and free society that Armenians around the world can be proud of.

NB: AGLA NY’s goal is to provide a forum for Armenian LGBT people to meet and express themselves freely, as well as to fight for the human rights of Armenian and non-Armenian LGBT people everywhere. AGLA NY is part of a worldwide network of Armenian LGBT associations that include Boston, Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto.

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