AGLA NY Coming Out Support Group

AGLA NY will be sponsoring a monthly support group focusing on issues around coming out. The goal of the group is to foster an environment where AGLA members can discuss concerns about coming out to family, friends, co-workers and fellow members of other communities.  Even when we have come out to most people in our lives, certain parts of our lives are still lived in the closet, with fear and shame.  Our hope is that by creating a strong community where our stories and worries are heard and accepted we can move forward in our process, wherever we may be. 
One’s participation in the group and group discussions will remain entirely confidential.  Each participant will be asked to respect the privacy of the group and not share what was discussed outside the group: what we talk about in here stays in here.
Meetings will take place at the LGBT center in the Greenwich Village on a monthly basis and will last an hour.  Please extend the invitation to other members of the NY/NJ area Armenian community that may not have access to this posting.

The next meeting will be April 16th at 7-8PM in the LGTB Center in New York, NY
For more info visit the AGLA NY event listing page at


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