Hate Crime in Yerevan: Mikael Danielyan Shot

AGLA NY wold like to express its dismay at the recent news concerning the armed attack In Yerevan against Mikael Danielyan,  President of the Helsinki Association.

MIkael Danielyan has been a staunch supporter of human rights in Armenia for several decades now and as such is an invaluable asset to the country and its people.

We hope that the Armenian government and police will open a full and fair investgation and bring his assalilant(s) to justice.

We would also like to remind the Government of Armenia that it is only by guaranteeing all its citizens their full civil and human rights that the country will remain a true democracy and abide by the Council of Europe laws and regulations that it’s sworn to uphold.

For more info see:

Gay Armenia: http://gayarmenia.blogspot.com/2008/05/hate-crime-in-yerevan-armenias.html
A1+ Armenia: http://www.a1plus.am/en/?page=issue&iid=607

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