Gay-Themed Play Staged in Vanadzor, Armenia

It is rather well known that gay life in the Armenian capital of Yerevan is rather vibrant if still underground, but It is truly remarkable that Armenia’s third largest city Vanadzor (pop. 107,394) is the location for a new gay-themed play, “MetastaZ.”

More info via Unzipped: Gay Armenia:

It’s my personal impression that theatre life in Armenia sees its kind of new revival. And it’s not only classical theatre but alternative one too. Experimental theatre has its regular scheduling at the NPAK or other venues. HighFest festival brings to Armenia cutting edge performances from within the country and abroad, e.g. by English playwright Mark Ravenhill.

Then he quotes PinkArmenia:

The most interesting fact is that a performance based on real facts of two homosexuals was played in the third city of Armenia and not Yerevan.The main goal of the director was not the elucidation of the theme of homosexuality and drugs in general, but the torture of the people, having a pain arisen by treachery. The same can overtake each of us like it happened to the heroes of performance “MetastaZ”. […]

The most part of public has been shocked and admired from professional acting and director’s work of performance, and some others experienced a shock, proceeding from basic reasons and traditional mentality: “How can it be possible, we are Armenians, not homos?” […]

There are video clips of the performance here and one is below:

One thought on “Gay-Themed Play Staged in Vanadzor, Armenia

  1. Human Rights Protection January 11, 2009 at 6:00 am Reply

    To whom it may concern:

    I am rather impressed at the performance of two homosexuals on the video clip. Is is saddening to hear Armenians’ disapproval of homosexuality; however, I highly encourage the Armenian homosexual community not to give up but instead walk and live with pride and confidence.

    I am homosexual myself and was born and raised in Goris, Syunik Region. I had to hide my sexual orientation due to the likely violence I could experience from the public once the public becomes aware of my sexuality.

    Even though I never told anyone about my orientation, people would still mock me and publicly abuse me due to my ”feminine” speaking and acting. I had to put on a mask to survive in the ”rahbiz” community.

    At the age of 16, I had to leave Goris to reside in the U.S. to live a better lifestyle in a society where my rights are entirely and equally protected and my security is assured.

    One day I am hoping to return home and start a Gay&Lesbian association to make the community in Goris better aware of human rights and democracy rules.

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