April 24th: Commemorating 1.5 million Armenian martyrs

April 24 Demonstration 185

Throughout the year, AGLA NY honors both our LGBT and Armenian identitites, but on one day in particular – April 24th – we are called upon to reflect on a particularly tragic part of that heritage: The Armenian Genocide of 1915.

On April 24th, 1915, several hundred Armenian intellectuals and professionals were rounded up during the night, deported to concentration camps in Ayash and Chankari. Many were brutally murdered along the way and virtually all were executed or starved to death within months. Starting with the mass murders of Armenians during the reign of Abdul Hamid in 1896 and the Adana Massacres of 1909, over 2 Million Armenians were masscred by the Ottoman Turks between 1896 and 1923, a crime that today’s Turkish state continues to deny. Billions of dollars in property were expropriated and never returned to the Armenian survivors who scattered all over the world and formed the modern Armenian Diaspora.

Today we also honor the memory of 1.5 million other Christians brutally murdered by the Ottoman regime–half of them Pontic Greeks and the other half Assyrians. Today, we ask everyone who reads this page to bow their heads and observe a moment of silence for those who perished.

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