If you are interested in helping with any of these committees, please contact: info[@]

Benefit Committee

AGLA NY is holding its first ever Benefit Gala in 2008. This event is crucial to putting our organization on a firm financial footing. We need help with everything from decorating the venue to inviting guests, writing the invites, securing auction items…you get the idea.

Coming Out Committee

Afraid of coming out to your family? Closeted in the work place? Not sure what your options are? Simply want to talk? This is the place for you.

Conference Committee

AGLA NY is organizing the first-ever conference on LGBT rights. This is a crucial event and a first in the history of Armenia and the surrounding region. As you can imagine, given the persecution that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people face in Armenia, Azerbaijian, Georgia and Abkhazia, this conference is of vital importance. We will be partnering with leading national and international organizations and bringing as much visibility as possible world-wide to issues of discrimination and human rights in the region. The conference will also draft an open lettter to the Presidents of all four republics demanding that they apply EU laws regarding LGBT rights that they already have on the books, and publishing conference findings in the local and Armenian press. We need people to help organize the event, do PR for it and to (wo)man the event. It’s a great learning opportunity as well, and as we are now a non-profit organization, we will offer college internship or community credit for our younger volunteers!

Pride Parade Committee

AGLA NY participates in the annual Pride Parade. This year we’d like to broaden our involvement and recruit more people for the all-important Pride March in June. We’re looking for 2 people to spear-head this effort. It’s not a lot of work, just a few forms to fill out and phone calls to make, but someone’s gotta do it. As we are now a non-profit organization, we will offer college internship or community credit for our younger volunteers!

Social Action Committee

This committee will discuss issues of importance to the gay and lesbian and Armenian communities and when members decide important, draft letters and press releases to support relevant legislation, as well as write letters to editors of both the mainstream and Armenian press.

Scholarship Committee

AGLA NY plans to offer scholarships for deserving Armenian students. We need assistance in raising funds for these scholarships.

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